About Us

‘The bedrock of MAWbiz lies on three main pillars, sustainable branding, social
advancement and community empowerment through knowledge sharing –

Dr. M. R. Maxim, Managing Director, MAWbiz

Our Story

MAWbiz is a local business search engine and digital marketing platform in Bangladesh that offers tools needed for sustainable branding. It is a multi-ethnic platform that enables businesses to interact proactively with the community, environment and other businesses to make sustainable and responsible long-term growth.

MAWBiz is a concern of Minds at Work Global ltd, a business and IT consulting firm in Bangladesh.The project began in 2017 and has attained a significant increase in traffic and web ranking.The motto of MAWbiz.com.bd is to give all businesses a digital space on a multi-ethnic web platform. It is a platform for all digital ads, deals, festive sales, coupons, flyers, and video ads. Our core goal is to empower brick and mortar businesses, providing them with an efficient marketing framework appropriate for businesses of the 21st century.

Our platform enables companies to reach out to new niche markets and create community awareness. We provide a range of different services to improve the online visibility of any business and brand so that the people in the community have easy access to the products or services they want to purchase or obtain.

In addition, we are driven by the passion for digitizing all marketing concerns of businesses, preventing waste and abuse of paper, and actively advocating for an eco-friendly world.

Empowering the Community

We strongly believe in community empowerment through knowledge sharing and operate a section titled ‘e-Learning Marketplace’ .Our ‘Community Engagement’ section provides a whole range of features that offer productive recreation and are designed to keep the community well informed about social events and other useful updates.

Besides, we present the first Bangladeshi ethical job portal— ‘MAWbiz JobHub’ . We aim to provide the job seekers adequate information about the average market wage, job benefits and other employee rights along with the advertised jobs. We aim to offer an ethical job search platform that does not promote the exploitation of labor.

Our Achievements

MAWbiz has been ranked as one of the Top 100 Information Technology, Marketing and Advertising Companies in Bangladesh by BestStartup.asia. BestStartup.asia is a London- based Media Company that aims to showcase the latest innovations, breakthroughs and greatest companies across Asia.

MAWbiz has also been nominated for ‘Global Green Business Award 2021’, placed forward by Acquisition International, a UK based B2B publishing house. The Global Green Business Awards 2021 places emphasis on applauding innovation in corporate sustainability and seek to reward those who have proven themselves to be pioneers capable of providing solutions to meet a vast array of demands.

MAWbiz is awarded as the best Green Business Directory of South Asia in 2021!

In 2022, MAWbiz won the prestigious 'Innovation and Excellence Award', put forward by CorporateLiveWire, a British Business Magazine. The award is given to select businesses from around the world exhibiting innovation, unique products and services, industry recognition, use of technology, sustainable development, marketing & branding, service excellence, ethical practice and employee satisfaction. We are honoured and proud to be the only business from Bangladesh to win this award in 2022, substantiating the strength and authenticity of our core values.

According to Alexa ranking, MAWbiz currently ranks among the top 1000 websites browsed in Bangladesh.

Selected Press Releases:

Dhaka Tribune (17.02.2022) : MAWbiz, Your go to place for sustainable branding

BizData Insights (14.03.2022) : MAWbiz got Global Green Business Award 2021

The Daily Jugantor (2.06.2022) : ব্যবসা ও ভোক্তাদের জন্য দেশীয় টেকসই ডিজিটাল প্লাটফর্ম MAWbiz.com.bd

Jagonews24.com (4.06.2022) : বাংলাদেশে জব পোর্টাল নিয়ে এলো ম’বিজ

www.risingbd.com (5.06.2022) : ডিজিটাল মার্কেটিং সেবা দিচ্ছে ‘মবিজ’



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