Our online platform provides services to enable a business reach out to new niche markets, while creating a brand image that is sustainable in the long term. Our core goal is to assist businesses connect with the communities at a much deeper level to create a symbiotic relationship.

Some of the key services we provide are listed below:

Sustainable Branding

We offer digital tools to assist businesses showcase their contributions to the community, education, and environment to establish a sustainable brand presence.

Digital Marketing

Businesses can post advertisements on our website on premium locations (header, popup, footer, and inner pages) for any promotional or branding campaign.

Social Media Marketing

We can facilitate and provide consultation for any social media campaign on any established social media platform (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Linkedin etc.) and provide all other necessary services.


Our e-Learning platform provides useful training sessions, workshops and other knowledge sharing events to promote women empowerment, provide necessary learning experiences for small business owners and assist young graduates learn skills to nurture their entrepreneurial ideas.

Digital Business Profile

Premium members can create unbranded digital business profiles with various other premium features. This is effectively the same as having a personalised business website, demonstrating all existing sales, deals. coupons, events, jobs, videos ads, community contributions and professionally presenting them all in one page.

Ethical Job Portal

MAWbiz JobHub filters out all job vacancies that foster exploitation of labour and only enlists jobs that are ethical in terms of the business operations and remuneration. Along with that, we offer CV templates, salary guide prepared by our research team for any advertised job, so the employee is well informed about market salary standards.

Business Search Engine

Our unique business search engine allows users to search for local businesses based on location, business name or any keyword and various communities.

Middle Ads